sterilization techniques

dental sterilizers are imperative in a dental practice

Our practice take stick precautions when it comes to sterilization. We have a newly designed sterilization area with top of the line autoclaves and sterilizers.

sterilization devices used in our office

statim 2000

For cleaning our dental devices, we use the Statim 2000 Cassette Autoclave. The Statim Cassette Autoclave represents state of the art sterilization technology for the healthcare profession. Statim's unique steam injection technology allows the unit to be fast, effective, and reliable. The Statim's biological and physical effectiveness has been internationally recognized as the best of the best.


Our office also uses the Solmetex system. The Solmetex is the industry leader in amalgam separation technology and waste removal compliance, enabling us to confidently run our practice clean, environmentally safe and regulation compliant.

midmark ritter m11 ultraclave automatic sterilizer

The M11’s chamber gives it the distinction of being the largest of any standard countertop sterilizer on the market, making it perfect for larger packs and instruments. Its steam-flush pressure pulse air removal system ensures proper steam penetration for reliability.